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Youth In Therapy

Most parents who have spent time watching their children develop and grow can attest to the idea that the process is a fascinating one; from observing children learn how to walk and speak to witnessing their social interactions and self-exploration at school and beyond, the process of learning and maturing is both complex and exciting.

Child therapy is a field that attempts to investigate and understand the development of the human mind during childhood and adolescence, with many applications to treatment options and special programs to help improve, heal, and uplift the lives of young people. Child therapy may be encountered in an academic environment, or may be experienced as the underlying science involved in child psychotherapy and other types of mental health care.

The field of child therapy shares many aspects with other types of psychology and studies of the human mind and consciousness, while retaining a distinct focus on human development as it applies to kids. One of the most exciting times in life biologically speaking, childhood is rich in significant physical, emotional, and mental changes, all of which can have a profound impact upon quality of life and experience. When studying child psychology, an expert or other professional may look at the operation of the brain itself, might investigate physical responses to certain stimuli, or may observe how children interact with others or consider themselves. The study of child psychology attempts to find answers to many of today's most pressing social questions, such as whether a person's behavior and set of circumstances is primarily a result of their innate nature, or the environment in which they are raised.

Therapy is becoming more and more widely accepted and even considered a sign of healthy self-care in preparation for greater things. Children that can share themselves, their feelings and work through challenges are better equipped as adults.

Child therapy easily lends itself to private practice, and most areas are home to a number of licensed and certified specialists who focus on applying their knowledge to practical observation and treatment for children experiencing difficulties. Finding a child therapist is often performed through inquiring with a family doctor or general practice physician, who may be able to provide a list of local recommended experts. When wondering how to find a child therapist, parents and guardians can also take advantage of online and word-of-mouth reviews from peers and colleagues, or may be able to locate the best child therapists through a top therapist directory.

The concern of how to find a child therapist should be directed towards not only finding an affordable option, but towards seeking out a good and caring individual who displays an earnest interest in helping children heal and grow. Through paying close attention to background and qualifications as well as general outlook, parents can ensure that their children receive the best of what modern child therapy has to offer young people and their families. As advances in this critical scientific field continue and insights are made into the underlying factors involved in growing up, children are bound to benefit from enhanced assistance and treatment from child therapists.

Personally, I’ve worked with dozens of youth, particularly those entering the adolescent years and struggling with subjects such as peer pressure, bullying (link content) and found that if the child trusts the outcomes, the benefits the child receives are exponential. Some have reported improvements such as:

  • Increased concentration

  • Greater levels of confidence

  • Better grades

  • Less awkwardness in social situations

  • Reasoning ability improves with their personal boundaries

As a basic human need for belonging, everyone needs someone to talk to and be heard so we feel understood. Therapy gives children the opportunity to create a safe space where they can work through their challenges without judgment.

As always, if you or a child you know is struggling or you’re considering if therapy is right for you, reach out to me and we’ll see if I can help.

To your good mental health.


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CLIENT: Noel McDermott

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DATE: April 21, 2017

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