"I opened my desk drawer, pulling the 5x7 frame with the image looking back at me, the image of what I’d forever lost and needed to protect from ever happening again. I was so innocent and sweet, pig tails and pink dolls, all girl, a princess of my father’s eye and I’d been pulled into a nightmare created by a man’s sick pleasure. I can still smell that old closet he’d used to conceal the whole ordeal and emerge acting normal with me left behind to wash my soul of the wound that I’d carry as a scar into my existence.


No wonder I married a fucking narcissist. It was the perfect setup of Fuckville. I was only nineteen, young, innocent and still a virgin when I gave myself to the first man that looked at me kindly, his evil demeanor hidden behind a veil of a successful career and a church-going reputation that became my undoing. Eight years of marital misery, down to eighty pounds of nothingness, stripped of all dignity, lost in any sense of self, gas-lighted away from my own sanity and swimming in a sea of questions with no answers."


~Elle Mondragon


Can an early 30's NYC power-attorney face her toxic past of inner demons lurking in closets to open herself to real love?


Dillan Matthews, an NYC bachelor and founder of a successful PR firm with his own secrets to hide. But is he capable of letting down his veil to rescue Elle from dirty business that could break them apart?


Slave to Your Grind - a two part series of contemporary romance stories guaranteed to keep you reading. First one due out in October 2020.

Slave To Your Grind


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