Soulful Writing with a Flair for the Divine.

Contributor to popular blogs and authoring seven books, I've been writing for over a decade about healing, recovery and personal development.


After attending the Romance Writers Convention, I was hooked on the romance genre, embarking on a two year quest to become a master story teller. Lovers in the Woods is my debut romance novel, choosing paranormal to spotlight the connection to the spiritual and mystical.

Using romance as a model for life, relationships and business has been a breakthrough discovery in communicating for luxury brands and sales.


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Recognition. Reputation. Character. Identifying how you want to be seen by your ideal customer.


Fun content that is engaging and relevant to your current client and future customer.


Pleasant. Interesting. Captivating. Design that works and turns visitors into conversations.


Showing up as who you really are so that it resonates with the kind of customer you want to effortlessly attract.


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Master storyteller, communicating in artful ways that convey heart and soul.