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Robin is all about your uniqueness, the individual qualities and values unique as a fingerprint, living fully in your life.

Robin has been in the sales & marketing world for 20+ years and has coached hundreds of people into better ways to deliver their message and add value to clients.


From a Sales Director for several real estate companies and condominium projects to an owner of a RE/MAX agency, Robin has been involved with the interpersonal connections needed to build value, deliver products and services people want in fun and creative ways.


With a background in ministry and philosophy, Robin spent 30 years struggling with the pillars of Religion. Finally breaking free, he questions the “normal” to now be considered an evocative, and sometimes controversial, thought leader.


Pushing the limits of society and culture, Robin guides others to find their own freedom in a life of self empowered creation, partnered with deep resonance to live with originality. Robin is an ordained minister, performing marriages and the customary duties of ministry including spiritual guidance and consulting.

He helps people reprogram in the 4 major categories needed for long-term happiness – health, relationships, positive internal dialogue and wealth.


Recognition. Reputation. Character. Identifying how you want to be seen to create partnerships that are enjoyable.

Uncover your Story

Have you ever TOLD your story? Create a life span account to know what areas to create.

DESIGN your life

Pleasant. Interesting. Captivating. Design the life that works for you.


Showing up as who you really are so that it resonates with the relationships you desire to attract.


I would love to hear from you



Master storyteller, communicating in artful ways that convey heart and soul.

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