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Epic Life

Get What You Want Without Sacrificing Your Soul

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Book cover - Epic Life by Author, Robin Austin Reed
Robin Austin Reed wearing Blue Coat - I help men over 40 stop self sabotaging, heal their masculinity and take charge of their careers, relationships and health. Feel truly empowered, in control, and on top of the world? Tap into your masculine power, even if you’ve always lacked confidence. Command respect effortlessly, so people at work FINALLY respect you. Reignite passion and purpose, and feel like the king of your domain again.
The Warrior's Path Program is dedicated to men that want it all.

Robin Austin Reed


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Get what you want out of life without sacrificing your soul.


  • A romantic relationship with sexual satisfaction

  • Travel that deepens life perspective

  • Physical health and vitality

  • A sense of style and presence

  • Powerful shift in business to include purpose and contribution


While everyone want those things, most complain of lack of motivation or purpose, emotional break downs, relationship problems and other common ailments that plague humans. You’re not alone.


Over a decade I’ve sat with people from all walks of life, cultures, religions and backgrounds to hear their stories and discovered one commonality in them all: There is a sense of calling in each person that WHEN you reach it, you life transforms almost effortlessly. Until this realization, great dissatisfaction shows itself in multiple areas, creating anxiety and frustration.


Why? Mis-diagnosis. People think working harder or faster is going to fix their problem, creating more of the same problem they're desperately trying to fix. Epic Life is about resetting yourself to create from a new perspective, a death and rebirth to become the person needed to live a successful and fruitful second half of life.


Epic Life - Create the Life You Want, or Tolerate the Life You Have.

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