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You don’t have to struggle to understand the complex world of fashion.


Learn who you are as a man, develop your own unique image and then compliment that with great clothes that are comfortable and require easy care.


Women decide if they can trust a man by how he cares for himself.


Looking great gives you the confidence to have empowered relationships. Employers judge you based on your appearance in the first six seconds. If you can’t blend with their culture, you won’t land the job. I’ll show you how to show up wearing clothes that builds confidence.


Readers learn how to:

1. Develop unshakable internal confidence.

2. Feel great by dressing in stylish and complimentary ways.

3. Avoid common fashion mistakes.

4. Build your wardrobe cost-effectively.

5. Have fun shopping efficiently.


Ever felt invisible at parties, at the job, the bar or just walking down the street? That's what is referred to as "Your Presence".


We all have a magnetic frequency, an energetic impression that defines us and radiates out to others.


Ever see a cool-looking guy walking down the street and it seems as if everyone just gets out of his way as he effortlessly floats by? That is inner confidence matched with a unique and complimentary style to that feeling.


Fashion is the STAGE that life see you upon, it's not designers or labels or even spending a lot of money, it's about being YOU.


But YOU, have to decide and define what that means, then match your clothing to what you've defined. It's MUCH easier then you think but it does require some thought. That's where I come in. I've met guys that get so frustrated at being overlooked, passed-up and ignored by women or friends. They automatically assume they're not handsome enough, rich enough, athletic, tall, thin, career - all of those things are outside yourself and in truth, nobody cares.


The first 6 seconds, maybe less. That's how long you have before someone forms an impression of who you are, slaps a label on you and puts you in a box. It's just the way people are - we all do it.


The way out of this falseness is KNOWING who you are then dressing and grooming yourself in a way that supports that image, that truth deep inside yourself for the rest of the world to see, know and love.


Ever heard the expression: "A suit is to women, what lingerie is to women."? It's true! Listen, don't fight the system or get frustrated or worse, get down on yourself. Let me walk you through it.


I use to design the custom suits for all the Dallas Cowboys in their winning days, 2002-2005. Troy Aikman walked in from just being recruited from a West Texas college wearing jeans and boots.


It was a good look, it was who he was, however, it was an inappropriate look for a first draft quarterback that just landed a $10 million dollar contract.


He was about to be interviewed on every news and sports channel and needed to look "spiffy". And he did! I engineered the perfect look for him that allowed his true self to emerge, be taken seriously as an athlete and now is a major announcer/commentator and VERY respected.


Let me walk you through this complex subject with ease and grace. Read the book and reach out to me with questions.


I've coached HUNDREDS of men through the subject of identity, fashion and how to find their place in the world.


The Gentleman’s Style Guide - Land the Job. Get the Girl. Feel Great.

The Gentleman's Style Guide

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