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A Beautiful Encounter of Love While in a Yoga Class

A steady voice from a being called Heather begins a regimen to drive one into an inner state of peace. Everyone can feel her dedication. I arrived feeling quite good about myself yet my heart always slows from its enlargement the moment I enter the sanctuary.

At my invitation, Kristen sets up her practice beside me. Her pink lightning bolt yoga pants reveal an effervescence that radiates like a full moon. Beside her resides a younger man, handsome, strong and ridiculously flexible (a rare combination in men).

He calls himself Noah and, being a child of Bible school, the symbolical meaning is not lost as I feel as though I'm in an ark of safety, being moved by the very hand of God himself. Warm love radiates from the corner of the room, I look to my right and it's Gustavo holding the space like a support pillar. "Of course!", I say to myself.

All around me are these beings connecting through these seemingly strange poses, transforming together into these new shapes, leaving differently than we came. It's yoga, it's people, it's peace...It. Just. Is.

Full of fear and carrying heavy resistance, I drag in to the yoga hospital. Like an insurance co-pay, a $10 donation is given, greeting the doctor who receives me with a smile, and proceed to explain my symptoms.

Entering a room with wooden floors and mirrors on the wall, I find my rectangular place where, for the next hour, I’ll engage in healing myself. Short and fearful breath slowly subside as I’m guided into my center where I can breathe again.

I’m asked to create an intention and I confess the ways in which I’ve told myself I’m weak and of no value. The heavens quickly respond with warmth, sending Heather to glide through the softness of the energy, letting the warm room connect us all in one mind, one spirit.

I contort and stretch, moving into places my body resists. Her voice trumpets for us to go further, and just as quickly, softens for us to release, all the while giving yet another reminder just to breathe.

Heather hovers over, pushing my soul into the earth. Her hands squeegee the sweat of my back up into my head like wiper blades in a heavy rain to co-mingle with the tears already present. My head spins, joints creak and I’m in a space I’ve always felt, and yet have not been.

I’ve released fear, hesitation and pain redefining the ideals of a “courageous man” to move into surrender to become…just a little stronger. One more day, a little more surrender, a little stronger.

Thank you Black Swan Yoga Magicians. You move me.

Ever get "spirit tingles"? When you're breathing into the moment and nothing else matters or exists beyond the second you're in. You lift out of your ideals and perilous thoughts to a world of discovery and limitless creation.

Like a cork held under water, all you had to do was let go and you're true potential, the real you pops to the top with vigor and amazement. enormously refreshing to know I don't have to "change"....only let go and let the beauty unfold. LOVE.


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