A man like no other

(A story of the prayers surrounding me)

I am frustrated that I have to unbind myself from the ideals of others imaginations. I'm not like others. Am I less of a man because I only like sports as a way of relating to others?

I appreciate the art in everything around me and the love of life is pure but made pervasive by the insecurities only found in the sub-conscience darkness in all of us.

Prayer 1 "Oh father what is to become of me, this broken man needing direction…. I'm lost in the purpose of my own ideal but know you accept less than perfection." ~The prayer of a man

I sometimes feel myself angry for being born into a sinful life where I'm two people & the heaven in my heart alludes the reality in which I exist. Ignorance is bliss & I want to unlearn all the ugly things that I cannot explain. Others would not like the real me...I'm quiet, unsocial, very introspective & run from noisy environments.

Prayer 2 "We the angels have been sent around you to sing and dance….. Because we were sent to protect you and strengthen your stance." ~The shouts of angels

I'm a survivor & a master at making others absolutely love & adore the Robin image I've created. I can't do it anymore, I must now be the man left the broken me.

I am saddened that I've been forced to say goodbye so many times that I'm now scared to say hello. How is it, father in heaven that I can travel over such massive hills only to find myself at the foot of a mountain?

I've traveled, I've sought, I've become…only to now realize that I'm a man like no other and a rather a soldier of life made to exist and fight with others in trouble.

Father, please forgive my lack of faith for I have so many questions… I'm 35 yrs old and know that I have been reborn into your purpose and light.

Prayer 3 "Dear Robin, I love you and ask that you please do not worry or fear…. I will walk beside you even when darkness prevails and evil is so near." ~The promise of my God in heaven

~Robin Austin Reed 2/11/07

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