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Bucharest Travel Guide. 3 Major Reasons to Visit This European Party Hub

For most of its existence, Bucharest remained hidden from the eyes of foreigners. Tales of brutal communist dictatorship that governed over Romania reached all corners of the world. One could wonder what needed to be done in order to attract modern-day tourists after such a reputation.

Frankly, what happened after a crippling economic situation is nothing short of a miracle. By developing a thriving club scene to an already breathtaking architectural heritage turned out to be Bucharest’s formula for success.

Let us delve deeper into these 3 major reasons why this city deserves to be on all travel maps and online apps.

Colorful party scene for everyone's taste

In recent years, Bucharest positioned itself on every party map in Europe, and for a great reason. It doesn't matter if you are planning a stag do getaway with your mates or just a relaxing vacation for your family – Bucharest will cover it all! An army of youngsters is joining the ranks of Europe's newly formed party hub in an unprecedented way.

Every doubt about the quality of fun that you can have here vanishes once you reach the city center. A luxurious selection of nightclubs can be found huddled together in the Old Town and they are your safest bet if you are looking for top-notch entertainment.

Sometimes owners even decide to keep them open four or five days straight as the atmosphere goes through the roof! It is this mentality that transformed Bucharest into a party hub, make no mistake.

Some of the most famous clubs include joints like Fratelli Social Club, Eden, Gaia Boutique Club, and Bamboo. All of them are chic and stylish enough to satisfy even the most sophisticated tastes.

However, if you prefer to enjoy a more cozy atmosphere in a circle of your closest friends, there is also a very long list of pubs and bars to choose from. And when it comes down to some naughty time, Romanian girls are very unique in appeal and beauty. Some even say they take those “laid-back, easy-going, relaxed’n’groovy” standards to a whole new level.

Stacking your bills until the end of the night is stress-free business since Romania has some of the cheapest drinks prices in all of Europe!

The East and the West met to create unique dishes

Situated on historical crossroads between East and West, Romania has managed to preserve its unique taste for food with a touch of every empire’s culinary flair that reigned inside its borders. There are very few tourists who make it to the airport and leave without a few extra pounds. With dishes like Chiftele, Mititei, Toba, and Ciorba, prepare to treat those taste buds with some mouth-watering delights. Traditional dishes like these are served in nearly every restaurant in Bucharest so get cracking with those orders!

Romanians are people who put a lot of effort into building a new image for their nation while maintaining traditional principles. Traditional Romanian cuisine is certainly one of the greatest tools in achieving this goal, and once you take that first bite you will completely understand why.

Not to mention that the best eateries of Bucharest always welcome clients with fine selections of internationally reputed wines.

From Belle Époque and Art Nouveau to Communist Brutalism

Judging from afar, one might say that Bucharest looks like a less complex version of Paris. Yet amid all the greyness and colorful graffiti that cover the urban walls, one might get stunned by this realization: There is an elegant ancient city underneath it all, which is full of both historic and modern landmarks.

No one leaves Bucharest without taking a look at Europe's biggest and heaviest building – the Palace of the Parliament. It is truly a breathtaking architectural accomplishment during Ceaușescu’s regime, which, all things considering, needed time to grow to people’s hearts. Once you reach inner-city circles, you will always be followed by some of the world’s

widest boulevards filled with permanent marks of the nation’s turbulent past. Belle Époque and Art Nouveau architectural examples can be found on all sides and preserved in pristine condition.

Some famous landmarks include places like The Romanian Athenaeum, National Museum of Romanian History, and Cotroceni Palace that can be seen not far away from each other. Walking down the road of these gigantic boulevards will eventually lead you to paradise-like parks with beautiful lakes and cafes for your relaxation. These parks are scattered all across the city so anywhere you head to will eventually lead you to one of these amazing lush spots.

In Conclusion

For anyone looking to have both very luxurious and very affordable holiday – Bucharest has it all! From low-cost hotels and clubs to world’s top class resorts and wines, everything can be found in the Romanian capital at your leisure. It is a thriving party hub for both youngsters who just can't stop having fun and the older folk who just want to enjoy picturesque sights and savory food. There seems to be an appropriate place for anyone under the Romanian sky.

Contributed by Goran Kezic of Play-Media


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