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Milos Cafe in lovely Condesa of Mexico City

The buzz of the espresso steamer.

The hum of the passing car on the split lane street lined with trees and palms.

The cute, sexy server attempting to give good service even though you both speak different languages

What was intended to be a short walk, became a romantic and nostalgic experience with a small cafe.

Even though in the heart of deep Mexico, I was transported into a Latin version of an Italian cafe, complete with small wood tables, artistic tiled floors, and beautiful voices of Italian music just low enough to sing me into a trance.

Leaving the world behind to step into my own little bubble of heartfelt joy.

‘I'm going to do this more', I think to myself.

“te gustaría una pasta fresca o pan” the Server politely asks me, holding a massive basket of fresh breads, pastries and cake that would be perfect with this Illy (an Italian brand) Americano.

“Yes, yes I would like that” I respond, pointing at a small rectangular slice of lemon bread, boasting a thin layer of white icing.

A kind smile cascading across his face, he serves me up this slice of heaven onto a small plate, clearing the table of my first coffee bliss experience.

“buen provecho”, the owner says with a nod, seating himself nearby to read the morning paper with his espresso, clearing his throat from his morning cigar.

“Thank you” I respond with a similar nod, mindful to respect the alpha nature of most Mexican men, especially while in their establishment.

I can imagine all the staff must say this dozens of times per day. ‘Enjoy your meal' – how wonderfully translated.

It's Saturday morning, different than the ones from my previous American life of hustle and grind to get the next deal, impress my neighbors or be seen at the best place in town.

I've traded all that in for a life that matters to me.

It's not perfect, nor would I want it to be. My life is unknown and in that, I find adventure and a closeness to my Higher Power that makes me more relatable to my fellow humans no matter where I may be in this planet home.

I think that's what travel and experiences are all about, finding yourself in a place you didn't plan or work to make happen. It just happened, on it's own, effortlessly, allowing this universe to dish you up a delicious experience bigger and grander than you could ever imagined.

For me, that's life. It's great, scary and my way of experiencing both self reliance and the love in partnering with others who I see on the street, a village or a wonderful cafe along my travels.

I am never alone, couldn't be even if I tried.

Explore. Get Lost. Take Risks…and….

If you find yourself in the lovely neighborhood of Condesa of Mexico City, stop into Milos Cafe and find your bliss.



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