Fantasies of My Mind

The fantasies of my mind are what keeps me happy providing an escape from bitter reality.

The sand on my feet, the distant sound of seagulls in the air, the playful chatter of children....such peace, yet my mind drift's elsewhere.

I wonder about my future. Content to live in the now yet I long for my next encounter with a beautiful brunette that carries the color of forever in her eyes and the warmth of a sweet touch in her hand. I'm in love w our friendship and fueled by our chemistry.

Why do I do this? Why is the unattainable so attractive to me? I live in a world of mediocrity where I'm rarely challenged & almost never inspired by others.

Where do you place passion that has no outlet?

I look at each passing wave knowing they represent the seconds of time. No two the same & no two ever to repeat. The long traveling wave that gets only a 2 second stage to end its journey with the finale of a breaking crash in front of me.

Will my life be the same?

Traveling through time, across a massive ocean building momentum to hurriedly crash onto the beach only to make room for the thousands behind me.

Is monotony found in the mundane or the momentum?

Who in life are the tidal waves that leave such a wake in their ending presence?

What do we do with our dreams that disconnect us from reality?

Do we give them up or revel on them stirring passion that may lead to bitter disappointment?

Will I ever share this & more?

I think about her every day. I pray for happiness & safety even more. What does it mean when I do this but I'm okay if she's fulfilled & loved even if it’s not with me.

God understands & maybe he works through me to speak & give her comfort and sound advice. I pray daily that God will use me & keep my motives pure never to forsake her trust that was given in open vulnerability.

I forgot how much I miss the ocean. I could live here and let its majesty & power fuel the passion required to create great writings that others could absorb.

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