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Please Pray

Don't you know you can't talk to him after that mistake...Your situation is just too much and your gonna break. ~My Brother.... Pray!

When the world feels like it's on your shoulders… When your lonely nights keep getting colder. ~Sweet Sister....Pray!

You're failing and running with all the wrong crowds… Parents are on your back for living way to fast & loud. ~Yo Student...Pray!

Don't you know there is no pain so great you can't win... You got someone in your corner and this trial will end. ~Mr. Executive....Pray!

You have gone too far, there's no turning back and you waited too late… The wife wants out, kids have disconnected and no escape for this fate. ~Hey Husbands...PRAY!

The pues are divided and the words don't seem to inspire... Bills are unpaid, skies are dark, don't just give up and retire. ~Dear Pastors....PRAY!

Our soldiers are dying while our great America is at war… Don't forget our forefather's history & peace will soon restore. ~Mr. President....PRAY!

We are all one massive ocean with no horizon and frequent times of waves… Join together united and let's ask Father for strength to believe he will save. ~Big World...please PRAY!

Robin 06/30/07


This was written on a plane as I fly "home" through three time zones only to realize we have no home while we exist here on earth.


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