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The False Nirvana of Neutral

The mountain has been ascended. The hill has been scaled. Your big battle is over and now you can finally breathe. Right?

There seems to be a space of  beauty that is called "Nirvana" once the battle is over that gives us a feeling of relief, maybe even pride in a job well done.

So few ever go into the ditch of the psyche to haul away the garbage found in the smaller egoic self that is constantly convincing us we're less than we are.

But for those that celebrate too long, the ones that get lured into a false sense of certainty from the embrace of a place called, Nirvana are eventually headed for the slide back found in lack of motion.

There is no neutrality in this life, not on a planet hurling over a thousand miles per hour through space where everything is in motion, atoms bouncing so fast dissassebling any notion that solidarity even exists.

Humans are growing, or they're dying. Call it entrepe or the pain of stagnation, we were born to out reach our grip and move past the consistency of obstacles.


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