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The Ultimate Gentleman Companion

About You and Me

Imagine a refined gentleman, skilled in matters of etiquette and the ways of the feminine essence.  Your time with such a man would be highly intentional, filled with devoted attention making you feel as though you’re the only woman in the world because, for this man, you would be. You notice every other woman staring at you, they want him, but what they really want…is to be you.

With a matching energy, you breathe easily in his presence, aura changing at the mere sight of his entrance. He walks with the strength and masculinity of a purebred Alpha, yet exudes love and kindness, shaping all things he encounters, leaving them better than he found them.

The night together is upon you.  You’re informed in advance when to be ready, the tempo of the evening and even given guidance on what to wear. You’re gathered with the greeting of a tender kiss, an affirmation of your beauty and quickly whisked away into an evening of pure bliss, filled with all the right touches followed by slow kisses and constant connection.

He’s not clingy, yet you feel him upon you, even when not near.  He sends this state of passion through your veins with a deep, piercing scan of your face with his eyes and you melt. You want to fight these sensations, yet he navigates your resistance with ease like a skilled artist, opening your life canvas up to the possibilities you’ve only dreamed of.

He’s careful to take note of the matters of your heart, softening the ones of distress, empowering your true nature to radiate with radical elegance. When together, you step in to a state of who you are and are supported to face your life with integrity knowing you have this ultimate place to retreat into his strong arms capable of cradling you. (or spanking.)

He’s beyond versatile.  Unshaven, tattered jeans, boots and t-shirt, his look is one of country cool as you adventure to a fun outing with friends.  He’s close by your side to let others know you’re together yet will carry the perfect conversation with the CEO that you’re entertaining for the next merger. He departs to retrieve your beverage of choice from the bar.  You look to connect with him in the crowd, only to find his eyes upon you.  You both

smirk, eyes soften, breath easily and return to the one you’re entertaining only to soon feel his strong hand make a connection with your lower back, glide up your shoulder and place the perfect cocktail in your free hand.  This CEO is impressed you’ve accompanied yourself with such a man.  He exemplifies your integrity, the merger grows closer.

The next week your acceptance to a formal ball requires arrangements to be made.  He’s seen to it that your luxury car has been detailed, your dress is the perfect fit and the days visit to the manicurist & stylist have exceeded expectations.  He gathers you at your door right at the min of your arranged time.  He’s in the latest couture tuxedo, fashionable, demur and stunning.   He scans your perfection and whisks you away to guarantee your experience is all it requires, and more.

He resembles the wild freedom of Matthew McConaughey one minute and the sleek and cool gentleman state of James Bond the next.  Whatever you need him to be, it’s like he already knows…you don’t even have to ask.

You’re comfortable with him in your space and you miss him when he’s not there.  Your home, your finances, your business, even your relationships that represent the empire you’ve built for a Queen is respected and cared for.  You feel as though you have this male companion you can trust and is carefully scanning in a 360 degree watch of your castle.  For perhaps the first time in your life, nobody wants anything from you…but you.

His body upon you feels like the perfect blanket, complimenting your every curve, forgetting any perception of physical imperfection as you release into exuberant sensations that ripple through your sexuality.

Sex becomes an art form.  Mostly love-making, the two of you become one and form this space all your own as you release repeatedly into erotic and mind blowing orgasms of mind, body and spirit.  After a playful evening on the town, you both barely make it to the door as your passion explodes into being well sexed right on the floor.  Oh my, this man can move in such marvelous ways!

Departing from the complications of your world, you both travel to private beaches where he insures nothing but the purity of linen grace your skin.  You're fed organic fruits and vegetables prepared with fine oils and accompanied by nuts and only the finest cheeses.  Fresh fish was caught earlier that day and you eagerly await the grill that will deliver the entire experience to your plate later that day.  You’re wearing a large hat, Chanel glasses and a white bikini with a top that seems to keep finding it’s way at your feet.

Your life is complete.  No romantic hassles of a boyfriend or a man of similar status that competes and doesn’t have time for you.  You are with the ultimate gentleman companion.  A man that adores you so deeply, shares his heart and intimacy with you without all the stickiness of needs found in other relationships.

You’ve waited for this your entire life.  All you must do is say…”YES”.

Our Arrangement:

I would prefer to have an exclusive relationship where YOU are my sole focus.  Chemistry is a must. I sold my company 6 months ago and have been traveling and enjoying life and would like to meet an amazing woman to compliment.

This will not be a formal, complicated or sticky relationship…it will be one of total honesty and freedom.  With a passport and an international mindset, I can travel anywhere and accompany you in business, vacation or help you handle the matters of your life.  I have a clean history, disease free, perfect physical shape and have perfect credit, criminal and driving records.  I would like us to communicate regularly and build something considered un-traditional yet ridiculously satisfying.

You will be free of course to see other people and I’ll even assist you in doing so.  I am your life companion, your handler that makes you effervescent and successful in all things.  Lets connect.  With chemistry, surely we can create anything.

Much love to you.



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