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Are There Any Benefits to Alcohol?

The Mind Control Behind Alcohol Consumption

The mind control that drives alcohol consumption is the same mind control that drives any illogical behavior.

The drinking, eating or injecting of poison all fall into the category of what I call Kamikaze Mind Control.

A Kamikaze pilot is mind controlled to kill themselves because the conscious mind and the subconscious don't communicate effectively with each other.

The subconscious wants to be adored, admired and accepted by the crowd but can't process the long-term consequence that murdering oneself (in order to accomplish herd acceptance) isn't rational or logical whatsoever.

What I'm trying to say is this.

Alcohol is poison. At least that's how your body responds to it.

That fact is documented conclusively, without a doubt, in the links below.

There's ZERO logical benefit to consuming alcohol but there is a Kamikaze based benefit, in getting accepted by the crowd for killing yourself slowly and never achieving your full potential.

This is what I call fake safety and fake security.

We may feel safe drinking with our friends on a Friday night because it satisfies basic safety bonding pathways in our nervous systems, but it's a trap.

There isn't really any safety in these rituals.

Disaster will always come about when we don't check that our behavior is rational and logical, which is the job of the conscious mind.

If you're under mind control, you will always act, talk and think exactly like yourself, but you'll always be doing things that don't make any logical or rational sense.

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. The Science Is Settled - Alcohol Is A Poison

  1. Alcohol causes breast cancer. Read here

  2. Even moderate drinking causes brain damage. Read here

  3. Women are increasingly drinking themselves to death because of the alcohol-based mind control coming out of media and government. Read here

  4. Alcohol causes depression, schizophrenia and a wide range of mental disorders due to systematic poisoning and low blood sugar. Read here

  5. Alcohol decreases life span, with any amount consumed. Read here

  6. Alcohol destroys your immunity and makes you more likely to start rotting from the inside out. Read here

  7. Alcohol kills at least 3 million people per year prematurely so obviously it's not healthy. Poison can't make you healthier. Poison doesn't work like that. Read here

  8. Japan encourages its youth to start drinking more, simply because a poisoned mind is proven easier to put under mind control. Read here

  9. Government fires top advisor after he statistically proves that alcohol is the most destructive and dangerous drug in our society. Watch below.

10. Only poisons cause cancer and that includes emotional poison as well. Alcohol causes so much cancer, researchers suggest a cancer warning label on all alcohol products. Read here

Now if you're wondering why alcohol is absolutely everywhere in our society, from your plane to your hotel room and everywhere in between, it's because you can't rule healthy, empowered, vital and independent people.

You can only rule disempowered, weak, dependent and dis-oriented people. You can't farm lions, only lambs.

Alcohol is mandatory for the ruling group to maintain their power over the weakened masses.

Without alcohol, you will reacquire more of your power.

Without all the standard cultural poisons of the day, you'll reacquire all your power.

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