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Does Mind Control Exist in Modern Times?

Not only does it exist, it’s everywhere!

Many people are now talking about the mind control in our modern society. This topic is getting lots of mainstream attention these days.

There's more going on than meets the eye of course.

Let's take a look at how psychological research is now being weaponized against the public, in order to have the uninformed masses do everything from wait in line to poison their own children to demanding that clinical psychopaths lock them down in 15-minute concentration camps, to satisfy a completely fraudulent and fabricated climate change agenda.

1. As usual, it's always good to first demonstrate the power of psychological pressure, group dynamics and mind control. Derren Brown's THE PUSH is always one of the best demonstrations to lead with, as Derren mind controls 3 out of 4 people to commit murder on video.

2. Here we have a new release by Children's Health Defense, explaining the mass mind control and behavior modification, which the public is currently swimming in. When people are openly transing their kids and injecting poison into themselves, we know mass mind control is in a full gallop.

3. Here's another good example some people are taking about, but not many. There are more than two Joe Biden's. One has ear lobes and one doesn't.

There's actually more than two given what I've seen, but let's just talk about the very obvious TWO Joe Biden's.

Both "Joe's" talk differently as well and look different too.

So why aren't more people noticing?

It's because the psychological research proves most people won't notice because it's simply easier to avoid asking some hard questions.

The human mind likes "easy" and avoids "hard", as its most basic default programming. See Derren's video here below.

4. Recently at a Taylor Swift concert, people were complaining of getting some of their memories wiped - this doctor explains why.

This "Men in Black" memory wipe is easy to accomplish using basic mind control tactics.

This is once again demonstrated by mind control expert Derren Brown.

5. Here we have a very good (and short) video regarding how tyrannical government actors have used mind control and brainwashing to psychologically manipulate the pubic into the most illogical and irrational behaviors ever recorded in human history.

The plandemic of 2020, which resulted in a Jonestown like mass voluntary poisoning is just one such example.

See this list of 86 documentaries (and growing) proving the truth of what we've all experienced these last three years.

We're in a holocaust right now and like all holocausts, people can't see it because they're under state and media mind control.

6. Watch mind control expert, Jason Christoff’s talk at the European Parliament in Brussels Belgium explains almost the exact same as the video above. Mind control is quickly becoming one of the most talked about subjects in the world……because if you don’t know anything about this topic, you’ll most likely get tricked into murdering yourself and your own children over the next 5 years.

7. Mikki Willis's new documentary titled "The Great Awakening" dives deep into the areas of public psychological manipulation, which has many people cheering for injecting poison into themselves, turning their kids trans and hating themselves enough to do anything for a fake climate change agenda. And yes, all based on mind control and brainwashing.

If this is getting intense and you’re wondering what to possibly do in all this wake of evidence that we see picking up speed in our world, perhaps it’s time to take a stand.

The highest thing you can do to safeguard yourself from mind control is to know how it works.

In only 30 minutes, I can give you a road map on how to arrest self sabotage in your life and live an empowered life.

Listen 95% of what I do is completely free. In fact, I run my business as a ministry.

We need more people free of these agendas.

So if you want to learn more… let’s jump on a discovery call and get you a roadmap where you can learn about how to control your mind and remain free.

I look froward to seeng you live free and empowered.



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