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Why Is It So Hard to Be Financially Abundant?

Finances and wealth is the biggest way most people self sabotage.

They think it's just bad luck, or they can't seem to "get a break" or they were just born into the wrong family.

The reality is none of that is true.

There is plenty of food, housing, and provisions to go around for every living human multiplied by ten! We live on an abundant planet in an abundant universe.

It's not your fault!

Our society is so used to the state of lack and struggle, that to live with contentment and abundance literally makes people uncomfortable and sometimes even physically sick.

The subconscious is so primally wired to fit in to the crowd, that the idea of being wealthy (however you define that for yourself) means isolation and being alone - which is death to both the ego and our primal need for safety.

Let me tell you a story... kinda a painful one.

I was raised in a lower middle income family. I'm talented, reasonably intelligent, a good personality with the ability to make deals, to write, to express myself and bring people together.

I was the perfect salesperson!

But every time I made money, something would happen and I would spend or lose it all. My life was constant feast or famine and I actually got good at this survival game.

But it wore me out emotionally and physically.

I had to make a change.

I had to figure this out and why my programming caused this over and over again.

SO I dug into a variety of healing modalities to figure out what was keeping me broke and poor.

  1. I sat with Shamans in Costa Rica and drank ayahuasca

  2. I studied under a Christian Minister and learned deliverance ministry to understand the spiritual forces that cause people to suffer.

  3. I devoured every self help book I could find.. most of them outdated and repetitive.

  4. I hired mindset coaches.

  5. I did somatic work to heal the pain in my body.

  6. I did 12 step programs and learned the re-parenting process.

All of it was great... but I didn't experience REAL and lasting change until I understood mind control and the power of the subconscious.

I took a year... and reprogrammed myself top to bottom.

Life changed almost immediately and continues to improve.

The best part is I'm able to see my self sabotaging tendencies now very quickly and correct them before they create an ongoing problem.

If you're reading this.. you must understand:

There is an Agenda To Keep You Poor!

You'll remain this way unless you know their game and how to beat it. Below are a few videos that prove this agenda from some well known speakers and thought leaders.

Robert Kiyosaki, author of Rich Dad Poor Dad, explains the agenda and ongoing collusion to keep you poor.

The Media Mind Control Designed To Keep You Poor

Author Randy Gage explains, in a very simple way, how the media colludes to keep you poor, broke and always chasing your tail financially.

Government and Media Collude To Keep You Broke

Financial guru Sorelle Amore explains the same as Randy Gage and Robert Kiyosaki, that the media and government collude to keep you disempowered and broke.

Money Myths That Keep You Struggling Financially

Government school is designed to make learning so boring and frustrating that you never pick up a book ever again...because your interest in learning is destroyed. Start learning again and take full control of your life. Being wealthy doesn't make you happy but being broke doesn't make you happy either.

If all this feels overwhelming and you want to arrest this self sabotage in your life, book a discovery call with me right now.

The call is complimentary and if we decide to work together, then great.

But if not, that's okay too.

At least on the call, you'll get a roadmap to see how financial self sabotage is working in your life and how to end it.

There is a way our of this madness and you CAN rebuild.


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