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The Basics of Black Magic Mind Control

Unfortunately many people who took the fake COVID vaccine are dying from heart attacks.

We move past the mechanisms by which the heart attacks are being caused today and look at the black magic mind control used to hijack the human nervous system, in order to make people volunteer to inject themselves with poison.

This list is not extensive, it just covers the basics of mind control.

1. Black magic mind control works exactly like white magic mind control.

Mind control can make people rise up into their fullest potential or (in this case) it can trick people to hurt or even kill themselves.

The same mechanisms are involved. The magic of psychological control never changes, it's the heart of the magician that makes the difference.

2. The vast majority of mind control is based on repetition. This is why each media station around the world repeated the exact same sales phrases because repeating one phrase or idea over and over again is proven to spell cast most efficiently into the human nervous system.

Truth is a concept inside the mind that's based on group conformity, not fact or logical analysis.

Injecting poison won't make anyone in the world healthier but it was indeed done en masse in 2021-2022 because of a human's need to blend in with the herd, in order to acquire increased safety within the bigger group.

3. The human nervous system is designed to seek safety in the bigger herd, even if the herd is only perceived to exist and not physically witnessed with our own two eyes.

The TV manufactured the view of the majority by pretending the herd was already moving in one direction...when it wasn't. This perception is enough to get the herd moving in the desired direction of the con.

4. Our subconscious is the part of our brain complex that searches out and literally counts repetitive content in our environment and it does this without us knowing that it's happening. We couldn't stop it even if we tried.

Similar to us having no control of our heart rate, our hair growing or a cut healing. Although we can't stop this counting of repetitive content and our need to fit in, we can bring the logical mind to bare on our decisions.

5. Our subconscious is obsessed with repetitive content because it assumes the most repetitive content reflects the beliefs, ideas and behaviors of the bigger herd.

If we blend in with the bigger herd, we can find safety in the numbers of the bigger group.

Our subconscious is a safety seeking system, not a logic or rational analysis system. Anyone who volunteered for the shot of poison, was a victim of this group conformity psychological manipulation.

There was no COVID or even a vaccine. It was all fake but there was indeed group pressure to comply.

6. Black magic mind control occurs when this system of psychological control is organized to drive negative repetitive content into the minds of the collective, therefore triggering self destructive or even fatal behavior, which is exactly what we witnessed from 2021-2022.

The same tactics are now being used to push a fake climate change agenda and a depopulation sexual castration agenda inside most government school systems. (video below)


Important Updates

1. Paul Leendertse, author of The Root Cause of Cancer, has a new video titled "Do Billionaires Die of Cancer?"

You'll need to start working for yourself because of what's coming. Paul's program is perfect for starting your own business in a hurry.

A business where the market is ever expanding rapidly unfortunately. Helping people heal is now the business to be in.

2. If you think viruses exist and that something invisible in the air can make you sick, sorry, you've been placed under a very dangerous form of mind control.

Click here to update your programming with a free course.

This event will change how the world thinks of disease and what makes us sick. Poison make us sick, viruses don't.

The people who rule us poison us daily and then blame fictitious entities we can't see. It's a con for the ages.

Our world runs on mind control and poison. Color based mind control is extremely powerful because reds and yellows equate to toxic poisons in the natural world.

The people ruling us know how to push our instinctive buttons. Frogs and snakes that are venomous on our world are often yellow or red. The colors yellow and red register as "danger" in the subconscious.

This process shuts down high IQ function in the frontal lobe, otherwise known as the prefrontal cortex.

Pay attention to how your human farmers use your own instincts and your own neurological wiring to control you.

The people ruling you are notoriously weak and that's why they infiltrate your mind as their first order of business ...because they're too weak to win a direct physical confrontation.


Truth Superstar - Kevin Jenkins

Today we highlight truth superstar Kevin Jenkins.

Some people speak the truth.

Some people speak the truth with power.

Kevin Jenkins does both and leads by example.


Hopefully you're beginning to see how self sabotage works.

It's not you! You're not broken, defective or in need of repair.

You're programmed... plain and simple.

The good news is, you can be programmed for abundance, health, relationships, whatever you want... the subconscious doesn't care.

It only emulates what it sees so beating self sabotage is about out-gaming the subconscious by feeding it what you want to see, versus all the mind control and negative content that's around you every day.

If you want to learn more, book a free discovery call with me and we can at least get you a roadmap to follow so you can make progress.

Book here - in only 30 min, we'll connect some powerful dots in your story that will give you insights into what programs you need to eliminate and which ones you can install to live a powerful and healthy live.


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