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What Can Prove If The Government and Media Are Lying to You?

It doesn't really matter if it's the US invading most other countries on earth since WW II or the government trying to TRANS and sexually activate your kids inside their slave based indoctrinated obedience training camps (and any other inverted government action in-between).....the same three lies will always be uttered.

Those three lies have been tested in psychological research to literally paralyze people against protecting themselves, their kids or their society from harm.

Those three lies are:

a) We're destroying you or someone else to increase freedom and democracy

b) We're destroying you or someone else to make sure you're safe and c) we're destroying you or someone else because our evil actions protect basic human rights.

This sort of psychopathic reasoning then trickles down to trigger the psychopathic and power hungry tendencies inside some human beings within a part of our psyche Sigmund Freud called the id.

This is why people who want to force you to give up your rights in our modern time may scream "trans rights are human rights" or "black lives matter" because it means if you're against anything having to do with the trans agenda or black people getting paid by George Soros to destroy black communities, you're against basic human rights or black rights etc.

When really, they're trying to make you sacrifice your kids to the trans agenda at government school etc and to initiate a full planned demolition of our society into chaos.

These three phrases are shown in psychological research to freeze most people away from doing what's right, logical and rational....often forcing people to step aside and to allow evil (dressed as altruism) to destroy them, their children, their culture or their entire society. Watch for these 3 phrases starting today.


Are Canadian Forest Fires Being Deliberately Set?

1. Satellite images out of Canada show 20 fires in Quebec coming alive all at once, on a clear day, with no clouds. What are the chances 20 fires start at the same time, without clouds, when these fires are being attributed to lightening and "a climate change emergency"?

How about the fact that there is no data that indicates there is anything in the climate to worry about.

How about Dr. John Coleman discovering documents 30 years ago proving that a small ruling group invented a fake climate change agenda, to enslave everyone on the planet, except them of course.

2. The government in Canada (ancient ruling families) has already been caught poisoning one of Canada's water ways on the East Coast, in order to decrease fish stocks and in order to increase illness in certain communities, thus creating a fabricated crisis, which in turn will give "the government" the opportunity to rush in and declare "we need to take away your rights and freedoms to make everyone safe again."

Sound familiar?

3. Hitler did this of course with The Reichstag Fire. The Reichstag was the German Parliament at the time. The evidence is overwhelming that Hitler and his group burned it down themselves.

That's when Hitler's party said we need to take away your rights, your guns and your freedoms to make everyone safe again. That's when Hitler started "The Department of Homeland Security". Sound familiar?

If it sounds familiar it's because it's the same ancient group running all these countries throughout history, and it's the same today.

4. The BC government spraying a known cancer causing agent over first nations territories. Why? You should already know why.

Here we have the same BC government giving the green light to sell cocaine to the public legally.

Here we have a rancher in the Canadian prairies explaining that farmers there have seen government officials on their land illegally and then an "anthrax" warning quickly came about. Do you see any patterns yet? Has this ancient evil group used an anthrax scare in the past to poison people?

5. 9/11 has been proven long ago to be coordinated by forces inside many different governments, US and Israel specifically. The Oklahoma City Bombing, same thing - inside job.

Did you know government agents were told not to report to work on that day in Oklahoma City because of a bomb threat.....while a day care stayed open and children were killed in the blast? What about Pearl Harbor? Did you know that Pearl Harbor military officials were told to stand down, before the attack....even though US officials knew the attack was coming? Yes, they don't care about you. During 9/11 defensive forces were also told to stand down by Dick Cheney.

See any patterns yet?

And that's why Canada is in major trouble, because the collected data on Canada has shown that most people there still believe the lies of known liars, which gives the known liars every green light they need to keep lying to the Canadian public.

To me it's beyond obvious.

The Canadian fires are being purposely set, blamed on a fake climate change agenda that doesn't exist, in order to remove more rights and order to make everyone safe again. The people destroying Canada can't believe themselves how mind-controlled Canadians are.

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