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7 Reasons Why Rainy Days are Freaking Awesome

Ah, a rainy day.   Seems the general opinion is that Sunday's are the best rainy days.  Where kids sleep in, the house is warm and cozy and “snuggling” is the preferred activity with traditional big breakfast to follow.

Here is a list of the top 7 reasons why rainy days are, well, freaking awesome!

7) Coffee Shops – All coffee houses are better when it's rainy (and/or cold) outside.  They buzz, as if it's Christmas, with an energy of welcoming warmth.  Find your own style, skip the Starbucks and find one where you can meet the owner or form a relationship with the cute barista chick that remembers your favorite drink, placed lovingly in your favorite cup.  (My girl's name is Sarah.)

6) Phone calls to old friends – Ya, pick up the cell and dial-up an old friend that you haven't spoken to in a while.  Pour your heart out, surprise them, tell you how much you miss them and wish they were here.  Bonus: Snap a picture of yourself  in that favorite coffee shop and send it to them…make it real.

5) You slow down – Even if you can't go hang out in the groovy coffee house and you're committed to not calling in sick to work, the office runs with a consistent hum.  You're a bit friendlier to your coworkers and breaks are taken just to stare out the window.  It's not that you get more or less done, it's that you enjoy each moment of the normal 9-5 grind.  (I just said “grind”….another overt reference to more coffee)

4) Trapped emotions are released – Damn, that nagging cry you gotta get out.  You know what I'm talking about where you just need a good cry.  Shit, I'm not trying to go sappy here on you but sometimes when you no longer give a crap and you just let go for that emotional tear gusher that's been trapped inside you and playing itself out in passive aggressive behavior, well that's over on rainy days.

3) You take a bath with the earth – Ever given a child a bath?  Water everywhere!  There's no controlling it, you just gotta get out the extra towels and mop up whatever they decide happens.  Well this day, you're part of the earth's bathing, when the sky finally clears and the sun stretches its arms out to reveal a forgotten scent of newness.  If you're really feeling what I'm saying here, walk out of that groovy coffee shop and take a bath with the earth.  It's liberating!

2) You get clarity of what really matters – As time stands still, each drop from above reminds you of what really matters as the water cleanses the dirt away to reveal the purity of what is.

And the number one reason….

1) Multiple Orgasms – Cmon!  This is the stuff we fantasize and dream of.  First having a partner in our life to share that with and secondly having the time to cultivate the energy that leads to that emotional, spiritual and cosmic explosion.  Releasing all the amazing endorphins and raising our heartbeat to that of an Insanity workout only to collapse on and in to each other in a breathless and vulnerable mess of sheer joy.

So friends, whether you take on my particular list of top 7 reasons or make your own, you deserve all of these and more.  Rainy days are freaking awesome!


Picture taken at Austin's Irie Bean Coffee House (and a hundred other cool places found in my exploration of life and love)

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