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Inspire Others By Telling Powerful Stories

“I just want to tell my story and help people.”

I hear this all the time, with details of how eager they are to dispense their pearls of wisdom. I listen yet, all well knowing where this conversation is headed as their cathartic expression is unveiled in their intention.

What’s in it for me? Every person is listening to you and saying either “Me too!” or “So what!”. Every person.

And they should be! Time is precious.

Interestingly, it’s not by information exchanging that we really learn. Sharing details, facts and figures never moves the heart to transformative change and only leaves the soul hungry for connection, often worsening the one true desire: to be seen, acknowledged and validated.

We are terrified that our life will mean nothing so we drone on about he-said-she said, then this-happened and-that-happened dates of chronological chaos.

Heady interactions only lend themselves to battles of how much we can stockpile our intelligence. At best, it’s arrogance.

Long life story is my best received in bars, and only then an hour or so before closing time, but if you are buying.


If you want to move people. If you want to reach your listener and forever connect to their being…touch their heart. Break them open where they’re closed and stand there boldly in the midst of the tumultuous emotions that flow like uncovering a life-giving spring from the earth’s surface.

Stand where they have been unable and don’t move. Take all your life shit you call wisdom and tune it delicately for the ears of your audience and watch the whole spectacle become a magical symphony of harmonic unity.

I can’t do it. I’ve tried for years. Writing is my gift and I do it here in this medium and it’s a bloody process of exposure and vulnerability. You will be wounded often and yet the state of love is to live in a gentle dis-ease of pain because connecting with anyone…is terrifying.

But when we do, our lives take on a rich meaning, colored by the past experiences and shaped into bountiful stories where, with tears in their eyes, your listener will say…"Me to!”



**Picture taken 2/6/17 of my writing desk that has become a shrine to creativity, curating small things over time.


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