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The Effervescence of Women

Advanced men embrace this for what it is and support it's growth by traveling along side women to nurture the tenderness like a newly trained gymnast embracing the treachery of the balance beam. 

As a man, I can loose myself in this quality like hang-gliding off a cliff.  It's fragility is exhilarating!

Less advanced Men, perhaps more primal in nature, appreciate this quality, but are mostly entranced with the outer beauty, rarely seeing the whole picture of the energy that has been birthed before them.   Sure, younger women are hot, tight and bright. 

They bounce, bling, dance, laugh, cry and have a million sensors that can shoot them into deep emotion in a split second.  Most men try and “understand” this by labeling the younger woman experience as “immature” when if men would simply remain curious, grounded and supportive, they would see this effervescence scoop them up and revitalize their own masculinity.

As a modern man, I love to connect women to that inner little girl, the space where they can just be, they can laugh and loose themselves in a playful sense of love. 

Every woman…has an effervescence that IS what makes them a woman.

I love you.


Thank you to my lovely friend, Miss Elle that inspired this post.  I honor your sprouting beauty you graciously offer the world.  Connect with her on Facebook.


  1. bubbles in a liquid

“the effervescence of sparkling wine”  Synonyms: fizz, fizziness, sparkle, carbonation, aeration, bubbliness. vivacity, liveliness, animation, high spirits, ebullience, exuberance, buoyancy, sparkle, gaiety, jollity, cheerfulness, perkiness, breeziness, enthusiasm, irrepressibility, vitality, zest, energy, dynamism, pep, bounce, spunk.

  1. vivacity and enthusiasm

“she was filled with such effervescence”

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