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Travel Blog: Visiting Rythmia in Costa Rica – it begins!

In 2017, they asked me to travel to Costa Rica and document this place, telling of what goes on here to the outside world.

In less than 24 hours, I find that I’ve been teleported into another world, my heart already in full bloom to the possibilities and miracles that await me.

Marketed as a resort, it’s more like a spiritual spaceship ride into nothingness. That may sound odd, but Rythmia believes that EVERYTHING is birthed from nothing.

When we finally silence the voices and still the body, there’s a natural rhythm to all that is, including us, and when we experience this, everything becomes possible, all because you braved the journey to travel to nothing.

As I walk the lush grounds, my feet sinking into each step of the thick grass, the quiet roar of palm trees cheering like fans in a crowd, I ponder my own place of nothingness.

Can I let go of ALL that I’ve created? Even in service to gods of greatness, there is place for the tireless ego to insert itself and draw from the wellsprings of darkness to pervert the best of intentions.

Can I let go of ALL my belongings and test if they, actually own me? Even in the relentless pursuit to acquire our dreams and achieve our goals, there is a place to loose sight of the purpose of living that leads to lasting happiness.

Can I let go of ALL my titles and labels so that I can be born again? Even in the earning of status and style, there is a place to loose myself in upholding all the opinions and representations you have of me.

So what is your nothingness? Can you brave the journey to strip away all that defines you and be born again into a new identity, one that is knocking at your soul’s door?

I’m discovering, the beauty of this journey doesn’t require an exotic location, pills or potions, yoga or meditation. You don’t have to sell everything and run away. There are no extreme measurements or painful procedures.

But you do have let go. Just let go.

The beauty of Rhthymia is they assist us in the process. Supporting with plants based medicines, a breathtaking location with tuned-in associates, nourishing food and practices designed to do only ONE thing:

Get YOU, out of the way of miracles destined and designed for your lifetime.

It’s not only the things that happen TO us that hurt our hearts, its the beauty we miss thorough years of protected living, as we march into our graves of souls long forgotten, dead at 40, buried at 80.

Don’t miss YOUR miracle, my friends.

Thank you Rythmia. You tune my soul’s rhythm and I’ve found my voice once again.



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