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What is the Great Reset?

The Great Reset Before This One

If you take the average person today and ask them about living in a 15-minute city where only same sex relationships are permitted and where the average life span is 35 years of age because of all the toxic vaccines that are mandatory....they'll pretty much say that they're not having any part of it. But here's the question.

Has the last 2-3 generations already been tricked into things just as insane in our lifetimes, without most of us even noticing? Let's take a look at some equally insane things, we're already accepting of, which may prove that our dark social engineers can make the public accept just about anything if given enough time.

First of all, let's just take vaccines in general to start.

Known poisons, injected under the skin (most reserved for infants under 1 year old) with the promise of a healthier outcomes...compared to not injecting poison. The past 2-3 generations have accepted this with very little push back. What about medicines that are also poison (because if you take the whole bottle you will die) with the same promise of course...that swallowing poison will make you healthier.

In the US, you are 50 times more likely to die after going to a hospital or your doctor compared to getting murdered by firearm.

Although insane, when people are sick from eating grocery store poison, they walk promptly over to their doctor's office to demand medical poison, to eat alongside their grocery store poison.

When they get sicker, they get confused, and then promptly revisit their local smiling assassin in the white butcher demand more medical poison. We're all scared of the new insanity coming around the corner but maybe it's time to look at the insanity already in play and really start to understand how this mouse trap works.

  1. What about females getting mind controlled to cut themselves open and insert toxic plastic fake breasts under their skin?

  2. What about poisons as beauty make up?

  3. What about baby formula poison instead of breast milk?

  4. What about convincing women to work like men and to do everything like men do, only for women to then demand anti-depressant poisons, in an attempt to shut down the natural function of their nervous systems....regarding the fact that women can't be happy masquerading as men.

We could take taxes, which were only "temporary" in Canada starting in 1918 or sending our children to government schools...when the schools are quite out in the open about their designed intent, which is to make kids stupid, dependent and reflexively obedient super slaves down on the human farm Cancer causing fluoride in toothpaste.

Cancer causing wifi blanketing our society and people living in small city condos not understanding that by coming into the city (and off the land God gave them)......that they're completely dependent on a corrupt system to feed, shelter, clothe and care for them.

The cities are anti-God/pro-devil structures. It's beyond obvious at this point.

My point here is simple.

If we can't recognize the complete insanity that we've already been tricked into, what chances do we have to shut down the next wave of insanity coming down the pipe?

Even many truthers, they're not really super upset at the insanity they're currently involved with.

They're kind of upset because the insanity is up ramping to a new and different level of insanity. It's actually time to remove all the insanity, as quickly as we can. Knowledge is the key to getting this goal accomplished.

Remove all insanity.

The health crisis in Canada isn't a crisis by accident, it's a crisis by design. The government here in Canada is controlled by the same small ruling group, which is controlling all countries, and yes that includes China, Russia etc.

The goal is the same worldwide. Cull as many of the human cattle as possible, using as many different democide modalities as possible.

The health care system, which was never about health anytime during my lifetime, has been weaponized to the nth degree order to deliver a holocaust operation to all the world's populations.

This short documentary explains various operations of democide occurring in British Columbia, Canada.

This of course is happening everywhere and the people who don't know what's happening are getting blasted off the planet at ever accelerating rates.


Do you see what's happening?


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