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The 3 Things Every Guy Over 40 Does to Build Attractive Ab Muscles.

Diet and Genetics. 70% of how you look is determined by those two factors. That fact can be a relief for those of you that hate the gym or it can feel hopeless if you identify as “The Fat Kid” in school and never shed the title.

No matter where you are on the spectrum, as a man over 40, you can have an attractive mid-section that doesn’t involve hiring expensive trainers or buying pills and potions.

You need to know only one word: Choice.

Don’t roll your eyes at that notion. Hear me out.

As humans, especially U.S. males, our identity is made up by things mostly outside ourselves.

  • I have money, therefore I’m successful.

  • I can get women, therefore I’m attractive.

  • I am funny, therefore people like me.

But you are more than what you do, your possessions, your income and your body knows it. Only in the last 100 years did we become upwardly mobile in vehicles and sitting at desks for work. Before that, we ran everywhere. Do a quick Google search on the human anatomy and it reveals that we are BORN to run and your body knows how to have optimal shape, you just need to support it in doing so.

Your body is much more than just organs surrounded by muscles all wrapped in a skin suit that pumps blood through its veins. Much more!

So here’s a list of three things that every man over 40 does to have attractive abs.

3. Reframe your relationship with food.

You want to be healthy and have sexy abs? Diet is everything. I know guys that have amazing bodies and work out very little. Why? Because they’ve trained their bodies to burn fat (versus muscle) and keep it on track using intermittent fasting (to give the digestive system a break), consume the right amount and type of nutrients, get adequate rest and lastly, protect the digestive and elimination process and build and maintain a winning mindset.

Listen, we could break that paragraph into a library of content, but the basics are, you can’t feel great and have sexy abs eating junk food and robbing your body of vital nutrition needed to function optimally.

2. Learn the exercises that target the abs.

This post isn’t about exercise, but you will need to “wake up” your ab muscles from years of sleep. Remember, you HAVE ripped abs right now, they’re just resting under a layer of excess fat and/or inflammation.

Any muscle in the body will respond to the right restrictions, causing them to break down, actually tearing muscle fibers. They grow (or wake up) while you are sleeping, repairing the tearing process caused in your workout. A proper ab workout should take no longer than 15-20 min of high-intensity, targeted exercises that crunch them into growth.

And the number one thing every guy over 40 does to build attractive ab muscles:

1. A winning mindset and strategy.

Most guys don’t go at this alone. Breakdown inevitably will happen. You’ll get discouraged, tired, muscles get sore, you lose time. You need a support system and a strategy to get there.

The good news is that it only takes most guys 30 days, 60 at most to get the body awakened to its own energy. Practices like yoga, walking meditations, nature and even singing and dancing get the body moving in its natural rhythms and it comes alive, propelling you into new activities, wants and desires.

Couple this with a winning mindset, a knowing that you CAN get there, that you CAN succeed, and success is inevitable.

These three steps are designed to work together. Doubtful you can get to your target without all three, so we advise you to work on them simultaneously and contact us (hyperlink) for support or additional free resources.

We at Web Health Wire love supporting men of all ages and, there’s something special that happens to a man in his forties. We hope you enjoy these articles and we do our best to bring you current, relevant articles that support you in your growth.

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DATE: August 23, 2019


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